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Value services imageWe're a customer-driven specialty engineering and manufacturing firm. Our products are fluid control components for a wide range of sophisticated applications:

  • The medical industry relies on us to help save and sustain patients' lives.
  • Commercial and defense aircraft depend upon our flight and emergency controls.
  • You'll find our products providing altitude control and life support in space, as well.
  • And the industrial applications for our products range from water purification to on-site power generation - and a variety of applications in-between.

We have, in fact, a broad array of mission-critical technologies to our credit, each with an impressive pedigree. Our customers trust us to provide...

  • elegant designs.
  • rigorous performance modeling.
  • a collaborative engineering approach that produces results.

In everything we do, our commitment to continuous improvement, risk mitigation, and exceeding customer expectations is evident. We strive to provide exceptional value, delivery, and performance.

If that's what you want, contact South Bend Controls, then view our promotional video and let our proven technologies help you conquer your toughest fluid control challenges.

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Collaborative Proportional Control Valve Manufacturer
South Bend Controls' superior design allows for uniform construction, a lower cost proportional control valve, with the repeatability your aerospace application demands.
Reliable Ventilation Valve Designer
Ventilation valve repeatability and operation are vital to a dependable life-critical system.
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